Top Five Reasons You Should Play Modern MtG

Top 5 Reasons YOU Should Be Playing Modern

You might’ve noticed that, recently, this blog’s been pretty much all Modern, all the time. That’s because Modern Magic is in a great place right now. In fact, I’d go as far as to say Modern is currently Magic’s best format, and there are five pretty specific reasons why.

Read on to learn why, if you’re playing Magic, you should be playing Modern.

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Matt Plays Modern – Shadow Run

Like I said last time, I’ve become part of the problem. I am a Shadow man.


Tournament reports are long and intros are boring. So let’s just hit it. Me and Grixis Shadow vs. the world: Round 1. Fight!

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Matt Plays Modern – Shadow Switcheroo

Somehow, a ton has changed in Modern since I last wrote about the format, just a month ago. The metagame is both incredibly stable and increasingly chaotic, as brewers and pros continue to spit out responses to the current top deck. Almost (ALMOST) anything seems viable these days…provided it has a plan to handle a bevy of Thoughtseizes, Pushes, and Shadows.

It’s been a wild ride from June to July. Let’s start back four weeks and work our way forward to today: the day I saw my own Shadow.


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Interlude – Matt Plays (and Streams) the Eternal Card Game

I’d planned to write a piece on Magic: Duels this week, but first the game started crashing on me.

Then, Wizards announced that Duels is no more.

So let’s talk about an excellent, new online Collectible Card Game instead. Let’s talk about Eternal.

eternal cards.PNG

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Matt Plays Modern – Proof* That U/R Delver is Best Delver

*The word proof is a hyperbolic overstatement. You should keep reading anyways, though.

After a big life change, it’s often nice to get back to your roots. That’s what I did last week, when I took my U/R Delver deck out to jam some Modern games. Why U/R and not Grixis? How’d the deck perform? And is Condescend any good or the absolute worst?

Read on to find out!

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Matt Plays Amonkhet – LR Said to Do It

Hey there, loyal readers! Welcome to a tale of sun and sand…wait, am I talking about Amonkhet or the fact that this blog’s now based out of California? Oh, I’m being told that it’s definitely Amonkhet. Read on for a tale of being forced into Red-White beatdown, the best deck that apparently no one wanted to draft.

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